Retail Solutions

Augment Inventory for Liquidations

Industry relationships are a strong virtue of Retail Management Partners, enabling us to identify and maximize purchasing opportunities to augment inventory for liquidation events. This coupled with knowledge and understanding of product mix and client base, Retail Management Partners is able to bring inventory to the event which compliments current inventory style, price points, and levels.

Manage Liquidation Events

Retail Management Partners provides full turn-key liquidation management from market analysis based on current market trends, competition, inventory and client base to day-to-day management including advertising planning, development and placement, inventory management and purchasing, store set-up, signage, inventory control, sales analysis and store management. Retail Management Partners’s extensive network of qualified sales personnels have a stronger ratio of closing sales which generates proven results to the client.

Buying and Bartering Distressed Inventory

During the economic decline, Bartering provides an opportunity to obtain resources, services and/or products while conserving cash. Retail Management Partners’s strategic alliance with an international bartering agency enables opportunity purchases and bartering of distressed inventory including home furnishings, retail, textile, and sporting goods and much more, as well as services and resources in areas including media, advertising, travel, and consulting.

Asset Monetization

We bring cash value to assets our clients have not or can not recognize. Intellectual Property, lucrative contracts, vacant real estate, past due A/R, name brands, and other assets can be monetized for cash value.