About Us

Retail Management Partners is a global leader of asset conversion and value creation in the home furnishings industry.

Retail Management Partners provides products and services to retailers and wholesalers of home-related products. We offer liquidation services, turnarounds, augment inventory, and management services for special events sales for home-related stores and department stores. We create solutions for distressed businesses and inventories. Retail Management Partners also designs strategic solutions for distressed retail real estate for tenants and landlords.

Our approach can be summarized Five steps:
Assess. Plan. Execute. Lead. Facilitate.

  • Assess: Retail Management Partners identifies the operational, financial, legal, political, and technology issues critical to the situation.
  • Plan: Retail Management Partners develops cost-effective, realistic strategic and tactical plans that address and overcome the challenges of highly competitive and rapidly changing adverse environments.
  • Execute: Retail Management Partners parters with clients to manage the successful execution of our plans and strategies.
  • Lead: Retail Management Partners leads the existing management team and/or provides interim leadership, where required.
  • Evaluate: Retail Management Partners creates a framework for identifying and assessing the impact on various constituencies and defines how progress and results are measured.


We were first victims of “pump and dumps”, lies, and stock manipulation ourselves. We decided to fight back. That’s how we got started. Now we fight for the rights of investors, shareholders, and companies to make sure the illegal activities of stock manipulators does not go unpunished.

List of Projects

Following is a sample list of Clients that Retail Management Partners has supported through numerous avenues including, new store operations, permanent rug departments, liquidation events, and auctions.

Store Operations, Sales events and Liquidations

  • Ashley Furniture – Beaumont, TX
  • Brandon’s Home Furnishings – Denver, CO
  • Brandon’s Home Furnishings – Princeton, NJ
  • Brandon’s Home Furnishings – Scottsdale, AZ
  • Brandon’s Home Furnishings – WPB, FL
  • Hart Gallery – Houston Beaumont
  • Henredon Outlet – Houston, TX
  • Off Main Furniture – FL
  • Shanks Outlet – San Antonio, TX

Rug Departments for Liquidation events

  • Bay Furniture Liquidaiton – IL/IN
  • Broyhill Furniture – CA, GA, SC
  • Bruener’s Liquidation – CA
  • Diane Flacks – San Antonio, TX
  • Fielene’s – MA, NY, ME
  • Fortunoff Liquidation Rug Department – White Plains / Woodbridge
  • Gabberts Furniture Liquidation – Dallas, TX
  • Gottschalks Liquidation – CA / WA
  • HomeLife Liquidation – Nationwide
  • Homemakers Furniture Liquidation – IL
  • Homestead House Furniture Liquidation – CA/TX
  • Lane Home Furnishings – FL, GA
  • Levitz Liquidation – Nationwide
  • Linen’s-N-Things – Nationwide
  • Mervyn’s – Nationwide
  • O’Neill’s Furniture – Fargo, ND
  • Robinson May’s – CA
  • Sofa Express – GA, OH, KY
  • Strawbridges – PA, NJ, DE
  • Thomasville – NY, PA, MI
  • Troutman’s Liquidation – Nationwide
  • Wickes Liquidation – Nationwide


  • Ashley Home Furnishings
  • Bay Furniture
  • Breuners
  • Colony House
  • Domain
  • Finger Furniture
  • Homemakers
  • Homestead House
  • Levitz
  • O’Neill’s Furniture
  • Rhodes Furniture
  • Sofa Express
  • Wickes Furniture

Permanent Rug Departments

  • Colony House Rug Department – Arlington, VA.
  • Designer Furniture – Houston, TX.
  • Finger Furniture Rug Department – Houston, TX.
  • Roomstore – Houston, TX.
  • Today’s Home Rug Department – Pittsburgh, PA.